CNT Welcomes New Project Manager for Water & Climate Resilience Sajani Neeraja

The urgency at which climate issues must be addressed cannot be understated, and we continue to observe marginalized populations endure their effects disproportionately. It is more pressing than ever to rethink old systems, and I view CNT as a step in the right direction towards this more innovative, holistic rethinking of our societal framework.

As a young professional, much of what has motivated me to pursue each of my previous academic and professional roles was my observation of certain gaps in the way that environmental work was being conducted. As such, I bounced from pure sciences to interdisciplinary research to community outreach to engineering consulting. I’ve worked on projects based in Zambia, Iraq, and all over the United States. Through these experiences, a major lesson I learned is that real change starts at the local level, but the thinking must be global. Since returning to my native Chicagoland it has been such a pleasure to work with other like-minded, dedicated, hardworking colleagues at CNT. From my first few weeks here, I can already feel how useful my diverse perspectives will be and have learned so much from the wide range of disciplines and cultures represented where I work. I am excited to see how this journey unfolds!

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