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My RainReady helps homeowners get ready for rain in a time of climate change.

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My RainReady is a free, online tool that helps homeowners get ready for rain in a time of climate change. All homes are vulnerable to water damage during heavy rain, including sewer backup, seepage, overland flooding and river flooding. Developed by CNT, My RainReady offers step-by-step guidance to help evaluate and diagnose the flooding risks of single family homes and small apartment buildings, and find the best means of reducing the risk of flood damage at your home. After answering a series of guided questions, My RainReady will provide a customized report that suggests a mix of home maintenance and DIY improvements, landscaping and construction options, and flood preparedness actions. My RainReady does not collect or share any information about you or your building.


My RainReady includes additional building data for Cook County, Illinois and community-wide flood risk data and planning recommendations for the Calumet region of Cook County. If you are interested in developing a My RainReady tool specifically for your community, you can contact us at

Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) has applied prevailing industry standards and reasonable judgment and effort while preparing this webtool. Any recommendations made by CNT should not be construed as an assurance or warranty against flooding, performance or cost-effectiveness of any equipment, product, system, facility, procedure, or policy discussed. The User acknowledges that any changes in flood risk or occurrence of flooding that may be experienced by User will be affected by weather patterns, occupant behavior, maintenance activities and additional factors. No assessment can wholly eliminate uncertainty or risk regarding the potential for flooding at a property.