Great Lakes Water Infrastructure

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Analyzing and Proposing Solutions to Water Infrastructure Failures in Great Lakes Cities

The Great Lakes Water Infrastructure Project is working to develop innovative solutions to water infrastructure risks in Great Lakes cities with the goals of improving health, equity, affordability, and efficiency.

We believe the case can be made for a more systematic approach to helping post-industrial cities understand and support better water infrastructure decisions. CNT is analyzing data and risk factors in Great Lakes cities creating plans for action to address specific water system challenges. Learn More


Through work with several communities and our research on the current state of water infrastructure across the Great Lakes Basin, CNT identified some top-level water infrastructure challenges: water affordability, water pollution, lead contamination, and water loss.  
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Case Studies

CNT also looked at communities that are making strides to address issues using innovative methods. These case studies examine how cities are advancing positive infrastructure choices.
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Webinar Series

Great Lakes Water Infrastructure Project Webinar Series 

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