RainReady℠ Resources and Guidance

Look here for information about urban flooding, green infrastructure, and the RainReady program! Use our factsheets, infographics, photos, videos and publications to learn more and teach your neighbors.


Learn about many topics related to flooding and green infrastructure. Feel free to share these with whomever!

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Homeowner Guidance

Whether you’re suffering from two feet of water in your basement or a parched or soggy lawn, there are simple, well-tested solutions available to homeowners.

Actions Homeowners Should Consider

More topics: Your Yard | Your Building | Your Street | Your Building's Sewers | Get Insured | Buying and Selling | Extreme Weather

My RainReady

Is your home ready for increased storm events in a time of climate change? My RainReady helps you discover what issues you may have, and how you can address them.

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Resident Action

Advocate for Action in Your Community. To ensure that communities stay RainReady for generations, we need smart policies at all levels of government.

Local | State and National

Government Resources

We have listed a number of national resources available to you. Although mostly written for specialist audiences, they can provide helpful guidance for anybody looking to become RainReady. We encourage you to explore them.

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Use our infogrphics to talk about new concepts related to urban flooding and green infrastructure.
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Video Library

Watch residents and professionals talk about urban flooding and green solutions.

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Photo Library

See our photos that document RainReady practices in action. Follow the links for full albums on Flickr. All photos are free to share or use, but please give appropriate credit: "Photos courtesy of Center for Neighborhood Technology"

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