RainReady® Approach and Services

We help people manage flooding and drought in a time of climate change.

How does RainReady work?

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming RainReady, and we fully expect that your approach will be shaped to meet your needs. Our RainReady approach helps people come together to plan, implement and advocate for change.

RainReady helps property owners and communities to implement infrastructure improvements to address:

  • Sewage Backup
  • Seepage and Building Dampness
  • Yard and Street Flooding


Core Principles

RainReady programs are designed with following overarching principles in mind.

  • Equity: Equity is achieved when demographic factors such as a race and income are no longer a predictor of flooding impact. Flood mitigation policies and investments should prioritize those who are most vulnerable.
  • Affordability: Flood management programs should be affordable and accessible to all. By reducing the cost of flood damage to homes and businesses, communities become more economically vibrant.  
  • Resiliency: Resilient homes and neighborhoods are less vulnerable to climate impacts, such as flood damage, poor indoor health quality, and compromised building structures. Flooding solutions which incorporate nature-based techniques, such as rain gardens, provide climate resiliency benefits to the broader community.
  • Community: Flooding strategies should be implemented at multiple levels – from property owner to watershed council – and avoid adverse impacts to neighboring properties and communities. Flood management should be integrated with transportation, housing, and other infrastructure investments and policies. Solutions should be tailored to the needs and preferences of community members.

Where have RainReady practices been adopted?

RainReady promotes practices already adopted by thousands of communities around the world. Flooding is predicted to become more intense and frequent as a result of climate change. RainReady offers an integrated, community-based approach to flood resiliency. View our current and completed projects here.


Get Started

RainReady provides assistance to participating communities.

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“There are many actions that residents can take to address the challenges of storm water. RainReady, building off of the Sustainable Backyards program, will be a one stop shop of solutions that will strengthen homes and neighborhoods.”

Karen Weigert
Former Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chicago