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Chicago Truck Data Portal

CNT and the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization counted trucks and buses throughout Chicagoland. The counts available through this open... more »

Technical Assistance Programs

We and our partners can help government agencies, nonprofits and community groups plan, apply for and implement new public infrastructure improvements more »

Civic Innovation Hub

The Calumet Region is a region in which infrastructure solutions are planned and built with resident and community leadership. more »

CNT Welcomes Molly Wagner to our Transportation policy team

While travel decisions can be deeply personal, decades of (often racist) land use and transportation policies and practices help determine them. Exhibit A is policies and practices that have prioritized car-centric designs that among other harms escalate greenhouse gas emissions and traffic fatalities. Worse, our road networks have destroyed the social, cultural, and economic fabric of communities and have disproportionately affected the health of marginalized groups, especially those in low... Continue reading »


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Equity in Practice: Strengthening Transit through Community Partnerships

by TransitCenter and CNT
February 29, 2024

TransitCenter, CNT, and six LA-based community organizations worked with LA Metro to implement part of the agency’s strategy for working with CBOs. In our new report, Equity in Practice: Strengthening Transit through Community Partnerships, we reflect on what other agency practitioners can learn about community partnerships from LA Metro.

CNT and TransitCenter offered our research expertise and team capacity to the Office of Equity and Race, to aid their implementation of the CBO Partnering Strategy. Our cross-organizational team developed two recommendations from the strategy: a database connecting CBO and LA Metro staff to information about each other and partnership opportunities and a charter process to guide LA Metro-CBO partnerships.

This report describes how we developed those two recommendations. In doing so, it demonstrates the process and form that community-driven agency programs can take and illuminates lessons about CBO-agency relationships.

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Commentary: Neighborhoods hardest hit by flooding should be part of the solution

Crain's Chicago Business Crain's Forum: Urban Flooding | April 16, 2024

By Cyatharine Alias

When I talk about flooding to residents from Robbins, a Chicago suburb, they want solutions that fix flooding AND catalyze multi-generational leadership, create economic opportunities, address food injustice and much more to create a thriving community. 

That’s because urban flooding is a quality-of-life issue resulting from land-use decisions rooted in racist practices and grounded in capitalism. Putting in new pipes alone won’t undo these problems. 

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