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Jacky Grimshaw Internship Available

The Jacky Fellows program will help to make Jacky Grimshaw a sustainable resource, preparing Black and Brown women for leadership roles in transportation in Chicago and beyond

When well-trained women of color are at the table to make decisions about transportation, outcomes are better and more responsive to the needs of individuals, families, and communities.

The Jacky Fellows Program will shape the next generation of transportation decision-makers. Fellow Internships will prepare early-career women of color to shape public policy and transportation programs.


Strengthening Transit Through Community Partnerships

Transit agencies should continually interact with their riders and community members to ensure services meet their needs. Community engagement can take many forms, from agency staff hearing public comments on a finished project to working with constituents to design a plan or policy. Transit agencies often outsource this work to third-party consultants, who can be unfamiliar with the communities they are tasked to engage with.  Since the mid-2010s, LA Metro has been refining a... Continue reading »


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Equity in Practice: Strengthening Transit through Community Partnerships

by TransitCenter and CNT
February 29, 2024

TransitCenter, CNT, and six LA-based community organizations worked with LA Metro to implement part of the agency’s strategy for working with CBOs. In our new report, Equity in Practice: Strengthening Transit through Community Partnerships, we reflect on what other agency practitioners can learn about community partnerships from LA Metro.

CNT and TransitCenter offered our research expertise and team capacity to the Office of Equity and Race, to aid their implementation of the CBO Partnering Strategy. Our cross-organizational team developed two recommendations from the strategy: a database connecting CBO and LA Metro staff to information about each other and partnership opportunities and a charter process to guide LA Metro-CBO partnerships.

This report describes how we developed those two recommendations. In doing so, it demonstrates the process and form that community-driven agency programs can take and illuminates lessons about CBO-agency relationships.

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President Preckwinkle Joins Calumet Park Officials to Celebrate Completion of $2.4 Million Stormwater Management Project

Cook County Government | December 27, 2023

RainReady utilizes green infrastructure program designed to bolster existing environments with nature-based solutions in preparation for continued climate-related events. It is an approach that looks at water management wholistically, creates a network of green space connectivity and reinforces or replicates ecosystem services.

In 2016, Cook County’s Department of Planning and Development used CDBG funds to partner with the Center for Neighborhood Technology to create RainReady plans for six communities in the Calumet Corridor (Blue Island, Calumet City, Calumet Park, Dolton, Riverdale and Robbins). The 2016 plans set these communities on a path toward greater resilience through improved stormwater management, sustainable economic development, and integrated planning.

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