We make cities work better

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Our goal is to advance urban sustainability and shared prosperity through initiatives in transportation, water, climate, and public policy. We coach city leaders, advise decision makers, and find new ways to solve challenges.

Areas of Work

Transportation + Community Development

Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of our cities. We work to expand and improve transit, pedestrian, and bike systems that anchor amenity-rich, walkable communities. Lowering dependence on cars reduces household transportation costs and frees up space to create places where people want to live, work and play.

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Rethinking how people manage water is essential to building resilient communities. Innovative water policies and solutions can secure residences and businesses in the face of extreme weather events.

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Sustainable Economic Development

State-of-the-art sustainability practices can transform traditional economic development and poverty alleviation strategies. Creating resource efficiencies in areas such as water, transportation, energy, and material use makes communities more equitable and resilient while lowering the cost of living.

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Transit-Oriented Development

Our work in transit-oriented development (TOD) helps people drive less, spend less, and enjoy a higher quality of life by encouraging development of livable communities around transit stations.

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Cargo-Oriented Development

Cargo-oriented development (COD) helps railroads, freight yards, and nearby industrial sites become greener, more efficient, and better neighbors. COD uses freight movement to re-energize the economies of American cities that lead to connecting people to good jobs with career potential.

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We advocate for policies that support sustainable economic development and urban resilience. Our research helps governments incorporate new ideas into policies that shape our lives and impact our future.

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Extreme weather events are increasing in the face of climate change, which disproportionately affects low income communities and communities of color. Our work offers tangible, measurable actions that can help make cities healthy, resilient, and prosperous.

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What We Do

Research + Analysis

Finding a solution begins with understanding the problem. Our research, analysis and tools advance smart urban planning and policy across America.

How We Do It

Interactive Tools

We develop tools to help planners, developers, and community leaders make smart, data-driven decisions.


Our research and analysis has helped shape policy and development across the country. Dive deeper into our work through our publication library.


 We work with leaders throughout the nation to help them build livable, equitable, sustainable communities.