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by CNT and Southeast Environmental Taskforce

Today’s environment and public health concerns in Chicago’s Southeast side are a result of deliberate urban planning and policy decisions made since the early 20th century.

Shedding light on these decisions brings context to the land use, industrial, and...Read more

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by CNT and members of the Transportation Equity Network (TEN)

Building Capacity and Connecting Communities provides a guidebook on how to best engage vulnerable communities in transportation knowledge and capacity-building. CNT partnered with six community-based organizations, all members of the Transportation Equity Network (TEN) and all representing...Read more

by CNT, LVEJO and Milwaukee Water Commons

This GIS (Geographic Information Systems) 101 Toolkit is intended for use by environmental justice organizations or community groups as well as individuals who are in solidarity with these organizations or groups. The toolkit provides an overview of how GIS can...Read more

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by Community Science and CNT

This guide is meant to advance equity in the transportation field. Across the nation, there is growing recognition that transportation policies and investments have harmed, and been used as tools to marginalize, Black and brown neighborhoods, people with disabilities, and...Read more

by CNT, Elevate, and Muse Community + Design

Homes are built to keep us safe and healthy. Climate change threatens this stability. CNT— in partnership with Elevate and the City of Evanston— aims to increase the climate resiliency of affordable housing in the name of human welfare. This...Read more

by TransitCenter and CNT

Equity in Practice: A guidebook for transit agencies , co-written by TransitCenter and CNT, details our research into how the public transit industry defines, operationalizes, and evaluates equity. We assessed industry practices that forefront equity in leadership and strategy,...Read more

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City of Chicago, CNT, and Sam Schwartz

Electric scooters, or e-scooters, are emerging as an alternative mode of transportation in cities across the United States due to the promise that they will enhance mobility, replace short car and ride-hail journeys and bridge the ‘last mile’ to...Read more

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This report details how public transit has increased value for properties, why developers should build near transit, why consumers that live near transit experience significant savings, and why policy makers need to work with communities on developing affordable housing near...Read more


Transportation is central to quality of life and well-being, linking people to employment, goods and services, health care, education, social activities, recreation, and cultural activities. However, access to transportation options in the U.S. is not always equitable, leaving many communities...Read more


This paper presents CNT’s recent research on a range of innovations for Industrial EcoDistricts in the areas of energy, water, transportation, and waste. Our work looks at district-scale interventions through the lenses of: What is it?, Why do it?, and...Read more

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