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Geographic Information System (GIS) 101 Toolkit for Environmental Justice Organizations and Allies
by CNT, LVEJO and Milwaukee Water Commons
Downloadable PDF: 

This GIS (Geographic Information Systems) 101 Toolkit is intended for use by environmental justice organizations or community groups as well as individuals who are in solidarity with these organizations or groups. The toolkit provides an overview of how GIS can be used to supplement organizational campaigns and efforts. It then provides a tutorial of how to create a map that visualizes data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s EnviroAtlas tool using QGIS. The skills learned will equip users with the foundation to learn additional map analysis skills and be an informed participant of GIS conversations with future partners and decision-makers.

Video Primers

If you’d like a short primer on environmental justice communities or GIS, please take a look at these videos available in both English and Spanish:


"EJ Community" (English)




"EJ Community" (Spanish)




GIS Toolkit Introduction (English)




GIS Toolkit Introduction (Spanish)