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Conducted as part of the multi-phase miPLAN’s Transportation Study, Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study (CUUATS) – the transportation entity of the Champaign Regional Planning Commission(CCRPC), which completed its Long Range Transportation Plan 2025 in 2005.Read more

John Holtzclaw, Robert Clear, Hank Dittmar, David Goldstein + Peter Haas

Auto ownership and mileage per car are shown to vary in a systematic and predictable fashion in response to neighborhood urban design and socio-economic characteristics in the Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco regions. In all three cases, average auto...Read more

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The combined cost of housing and transportation in the Chicago metropolitan region.Read more

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Transit-oriented development – a mix of residential and commercial development within walking distance of public transportation – can play a substantial part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.Read more

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Penny Wise, Pound Fuelish serves as a guide to CNT’s H+T Index ( ), which includes 337 U.S. metropolitan regions. The Index demonstrates that the way in which urban regions have grown in the last half century has...Read more

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by CNT, Smart Growth America and USPIRG

The latest data on stimulus spending show that funds spent on public transportation were a more effective job creator than stimulus funds spent on highways. Analysis was based on data provided by the US Congress House of Representatives Transportation and...Read more

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The Regional Green Building Case Study Project analyzes the post-occupancy performance and costs and benefits of 25 LEED projects in Illinois related to: measured energy and greenhouse gas emissions, water, commute transportation, construction and operating costs, green premium, health and...Read more

by Jacky Grimshaw, CNT

On July 13, 2009, CNT Vice President of Policy, Jacky Grimshaw, gave remarks at a press conference held by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. Grimshaw’s remarks were in support of the state capital bill signed by Governor Quinn.Read more

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The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA) is working to build transit oriented development (TOD) at the most intense level consistent with local community desires and market conditions throughout the south suburbs. To support SSMMA’s initiative, CNT conducted a...Read more

by Urban Land Institute, Center for Housing Policy, CNT

This report provides a comprehensive examination of the cost of place in the Washington, DC, region, presenting a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction look at the combined housing and transportation cost burdens for households in the metropolitan area. Drawing on the latest research and...Read more