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Publication Library

Equity in Practice: Strengthening Transit through Community Partnerships

by TransitCenter and CNT
February, 2024

TransitCenter, CNT, and six LA-based community organizations worked with LA Metro to implement part of the agency’s strategy for working with CBOs. In our new report, Equity in Practice: Strengthening Transit through Community Partnerships, we...Read more

Downloadable PDF:
PDF icon Equity in Practice 2024.pdf


An Advocate's Guide to Land Use Decisions Along the Calumet River

by CNT and Southeast Environmental Taskforce
May, 2023

Today’s environment and public health concerns in Chicago’s Southeast side are a result of deliberate urban planning and policy decisions made since the early 20th century.

Shedding light on these decisions brings context to the land use, industrial, and...Read more

Downloadable PDF:
PDF icon SETF-Advocate's-Guide.pdf


Climate Change Preparedness of Great Lakes Communities

CNT and Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
March, 2023

This report examines changing rainfall amounts across five cities in the Great Lakes region and seeks to understand whether the regulatory permits and community planning efforts are aligned with robust and current rainfall estimates. Rainfall amount is a key factor...Read more


Building Capacity and Connecting Communities

by CNT and members of the Transportation Equity Network (TEN)
November, 2022

Building Capacity and Connecting Communities provides a guidebook on how to best engage vulnerable communities in transportation knowledge and capacity-building. CNT partnered with six community-based organizations, all members of the Transportation Equity Network (TEN) and all representing...Read more


Geographic Information System (GIS) 101 Toolkit for Environmental Justice Organizations and Allies

by CNT, LVEJO and Milwaukee Water Commons
October, 2022

This GIS (Geographic Information Systems) 101 Toolkit is intended for use by environmental justice organizations or community groups as well as individuals who are in solidarity with these organizations or groups. The toolkit provides an overview of how GIS can...Read more

Downloadable PDF:
PDF icon GIS-Toolkit-101.pdf


Water & Health in Little Village

by CNT and LVEJO
May, 2022

Updated May, 2022

This study compares health and water-related conditions in Little Village to the Near North Side, and to Chicago city-wide. Chicago neighborhood data is reported by “community area”: 77 areas with defined boundaries that can include...Read more


Tools for Equitable Mobility

by Community Science and CNT
December, 2021

This guide is meant to advance equity in the transportation field. Across the nation, there is growing recognition that transportation policies and investments have harmed, and been used as tools to marginalize, Black and brown neighborhoods, people with disabilities, and...Read more


Affordable, Resilient Housing Retrofit Program Summary Recommendations

by CNT, Elevate, and Muse Community + Design
October, 2021

Homes are built to keep us safe and healthy. Climate change threatens this stability. CNT— in partnership with Elevate and the City of Evanston— aims to increase the climate resiliency of affordable housing in the name of human welfare. This...Read more


Equity in Practice: A Guidebook for Transit Agencies

by TransitCenter and CNT
September, 2021

Equity in Practice: A Guidebook for Transit Agencies , co-written by TransitCenter and CNT, details our research into how the public transit industry defines, operationalizes, and evaluates equity. We assessed industry practices that forefront equity in leadership and strategy,...Read more

Downloadable PDF:
PDF icon Equity-in-Practice.pdf


Eliminating Lead Service Lines in Hazel Crest

by CNT and Metropolitan Planning Council
January, 2021

Through its Great Lakes Water Infrastructure Program , CNT partnered with the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) and the south suburban Village of Hazel to identify the probable location of lead service lines which connect a property to...Read more