We Met, We Shared, and Together We Innovate!

On Tuesday, December 4, CNT opened our offices to partners and friends both old and new. We rearranged our space to display our current work – see diagram below – and spent three nonstop hours describing it.  Around 150 people came through (we weren’t keeping close count), talked to our staff and board about our priorities and projects, and connected with other friends.

Most commonly overhead conversation snippets at the open house:

  1. I really like that AllTransit tool. (Thanks, so does everyone who takes the time to look at it.)

  2. What company did your catering? (It was arranged by our vice president of talent and culture, Bridget Torres.)

  3. How do I join the Young Innovators group? (You talk to Paul Cusimano.)

  4. The holiday lights look very festive. (Thanks, that was my idea and my main contribution to the event.)

  5. We’re three hours into the open house; is CNT tired of talking about their work yet? (Nope, we never get tired of that.)

 Thanks to all who came – if you were impressed, please consider an end-of-year gift to support our work. And for those who didn't, hope we can catch up another time!

CNT staff Bryan Nelson and Jacky Grimshaw in a rare moment when they weren’t surrounded by guests.

Special thanks to CNT Young Innovator Jameson Skaife for creating this office map, which helped guests navigate the evening’s many stations.

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