Where Matters

Where Matters reveals the hidden insights that support more equitable, sustainable communities in Northeast Ohio—and across more than 380 metros nationwide.

The Where Matters tool allows users to compare labor pool demographics, commute costs and emissions, and transit access across more than 380 US metro areas.

The right location is a critical foundation for success. Where Matters brings talent, equity and environmental insights into your site selection process so you can make smarter, more sustainable decisions for your business.

Compare Sites: Compare up to five site locations using a location name or address. Where Matters maps the number of potential workers within a 30-minute commute by car, public transit, bike and walk, the racial diversity of the available labor pool, and the climate impact and cost of commutes in each location.

Map Scoring: The map shows the overall score of each selected location. Use the check boxes and sliders below the map to change the weight of each factor in each score.

Save and Share: Generate a printable summary of site scores to share with colleagues and other stakeholders.

Where Matters is powered by the Fund for Our Economic Future, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to advance a more equitable economy in Northeast Ohio. Since 2004, the Fund has developed enduring strategies to grow the everyone economy—where good jobs and rising incomes are within reach for all residents.