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by CNT, CMAP, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, MPC, Village of Lake Zurich

The report provides objective, external analysis and recommendations to advise the Village of Lake Zurich as it develops an integrated water resources plan.Read more

by CNT

A broad analysis that is the first to place an economic value on the numerous benefits provided by green infrastructure. Goals: 1- Inform decision-makers and planners about the multiple benefits green infrastructure delivers to communities, 2- guide communities in valuing...Read more

by CNT

This working paper about the benefits of Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) is a part of CNT’s Great Lakes Sustainable Water Planning project.Read more

by CNT, lead author

Reviews current methods, tools and case studies of valuation of the economic and social benefits produced by green infrastructure practices, particularly as they are applied in urban settings.Read more

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by CNT

The Regional Green Building Case Study Project analyzes the post-occupancy performance and costs and benefits of 25 LEED projects in Illinois related to: measured energy and greenhouse gas emissions, water, commute transportation, construction and operating costs, green premium, health and...Read more

by Jacky Grimshaw, CNT

On July 13, 2009, CNT Vice President of Policy, Jacky Grimshaw, gave remarks at a press conference held by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. Grimshaw’s remarks were in support of the state capital bill signed by Governor Quinn.Read more

by CNT

CNT, along with Hey and Associates Inc. (Hey), conducted research to monitor and document the performance of green infrastructure for stormwater management. The project was funded, by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5.Read more

by CNT

The City of Fort Wayne has chosen to use several simultaneous challenges related to its water resources as an opportunity to explore sustainable solutions. CNT was retained to seek hidden assets in the urban neighborhoods and identify ways in which...Read more