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Commissioned by the Manhattan Strategy Group, with CNT work by Sofia Becker, Peter Haas, Stephanie Morse, and Linda Young

This December 2012 paper calculates expenditures on a variety of costs of car ownership from the 2006-2010 waves of the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX). The Consumer Expenditure Survey is conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and tracks the...Read more


This report, written by CNT for the State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI), examines current economic analysis practices in state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) through examples in nine state transportation agencies and an extensive literature review. For additional understanding of the...Read more

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Mary O’Connell (ed.)

The Chicago area’s homes and offices must be brought up to 21st century standards for energy efficiency, both to save money and to reduce climate‐altering green house gas emissions. Federal money available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)...Read more

by CNT, Steve Perkins, Ph.D., and Joe Grant

This policy paper makes the case for mandating the inclusion of expense reduction and sustainable living education into a range of federal initiatives, and concludes with recommendations to enhance pending green initiatives by linking them to financial education programming focused...Read more

by T4

Our economy is over a barrel, literally and figuratively. Americans are being hammered at every turn. Falling home values, rising gas prices, and Wall Street bailouts with fallout on Main Street. Hanging over it all is a sense that we...Read more

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by U.S. PIRG

Nothing illustrates how the lack of transportation options hurts consumers and our economy more than the fact that, since approval of the tax rebates in February, Americans on average have already spent the amount of their stimulus checks at the...Read more

by CNT

Fort Wayne today faces many challenges: how to gain and retain new jobs in a changing global economy; how to make the most efficient use of limited natural resources; how to build a prosperous city for all residents in a...Read more

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The general public has been excluded for too long from transportation decisions in Northeastern Illinois. Given the opportunity, the citizenry would fundamentally reform transportation planning to accomplish broader regional goals. The overall vision the public prefers would provide more transportation...Read more

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Scott Bernstein

Is the continued migration of city dwellers to the suburbs an indicator of the low value ascribed to America’s cities? If so, that negative judgment is endorsed by score-keeping, ranging from the Census to the daily economic reports and news,...Read more

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Scott Bernstein, Julia Parzen, John Cleveland, Robert Friedman, Carolyn Hunsaker

“As part of a living system, we want to learn to succeed at being human.”

What is the purpose of this material? This material is intended as a resource to support the development of local and national...Read more