CNT's Statement on Supreme Court Decisions

In just seven days, we have witnessed six Supreme Court Justices over turn 50 years of precedent, protection and shift power from the many, to the few. From the right for Women to have autonomy over their own Bodies, to Tribal Sovereignty, reading of Miranda Rights, Racial Redistricting and curbing the EPA’s power to limit greenhouse gas emissions. All of these decisions undermine the very fabric of what many people will celebrate this weekend, Independence and Freedom; leaving many Americans without the liberties we pride ourselves on. 

CNT’s mission to support community based organizations and governments in creating neighborhoods that are equitable, sustainable and resilient is deeply rooted in acknowledging the injustices that systemic racism has created and working collaboratively to insure that those injustices are corrected and not repeated. 

We pledge to continue to work, advocate, build bridges, find solutions, inform policy and to create a more just and sustainable planet for all of us who inhabit it.

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