Washington Transit Access Map

The Washington Transit Access Map allows you to look up information about the type of transit service available in any location in Washington State. The map is tool for advocates, planners, policymakers, researchers, and students interested in understanding where transit is frequent and reliable, who has access and who doesn't.

In collaboration with Front and Centered, a coalition working at the intersection of equity, environmental, and climate justice across Washington State, CNT’s Urban Analytics team developed the Washington Transit Access Map (WA TAM) to examine differing levels of transit availability and transit quality for residents across the state. For example, WA TAM reveals that Washington residents experience drastic inequalities in reliable transit service: nearly 70 percent of Seattle residents can count on a bus or train that comes every 15 minutes, while in Vancouver just 19 percent can, and in Tacoma and Spokane that number drops to 3 and 4 percent, respectively. The tool, in conjunction with Front and Centered’s new Transportation Justice Agenda for Washington State, is intended to influence legislation toward just transportation policies and investments.