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Fighting climate change, creating inclusive economic growth, and promoting equitable access to transit: these are nothing new to the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT). Forty years of innovation, advocacy, and partnership-building has placed CNT at the forefront of urban sustainability, combining sound research with on-the-ground work that brings people together. CNT understands positive change happens both in the big picture and in the community details.

As a new CEO, I’m now recognizing what CNT’s partners and supporters already knew: CNT is a special organization that fills a unique role in Chicago and nationwide. As Juan Carlos Linares at LUCHA, an affordable housing advocacy organization in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, shared with me recently:

Credit: Bondy Studio

“CNT provided the expertise to integrate green infrastructure in our community planning process, which will help reduce flooding and support our goal to preserve and create quality affordable housing.”

- Juan Carlos Linares, President & CEO of Association House, and former Executive Director of LUCHA

LUCHA is a participant in an innovative project to link seemingly unconnected topics – climate resilience, arts and culture, and transit accessibility – which CNT leads on behalf of a coalition of partners in four locations in Chicago. And this is just one example. In just the past year, we:

  • Organized workshops in Flint, Michigan with local leaders and national experts to strategize on water affordability and infrastructure financing
  • Surpassed 130 homes assessed or retrofitted in Cook County, Illinois to mitigate flood risk through green infrastructure
  • Analyzed benefits of equitable transportation investments, shaping the conversation in cities as diverse as Phoenix, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Baton Rouge
  • Began creating an interactive data tool to link sustainability and economic development to poverty reduction strategies in 100 cities across the nation

Credit: Em Gryglak


CNT sees the big picture and knows how to get things done locally. But our work is only possible with the support of friends like you. Will you join us?


Nina Idemudia, AICP
Chief Executive Officer