Water Loss Control

Every single day, more than six billion gallons of expensive, treated water is simply lost. Why? Crumbling infrastructure. Leaky, aging pipes and outdated systems are wasting roughly 14 percent of America’s daily water consumption.

Water loss from aging infrastructure, faulty metering, and flat-out theft costs money and can mean lost revenue for utilities and higher rates for water users. With increasing demand, maintenance and energy costs within the water industry are already rising. Between 1996 and 2010, the cost of water services in the US rose by nearly 90%.

A suite of cost-effective approaches to reducing water loss and providing smart, responsible water service to customers is now available. Best practices include state-of-the-art auditing methods, leak detection monitoring, targeted repairs or upgrades, pressure management, and better metering technologies. By adopting such practices, water service providers can save themselves and their communities money in the long run, while protecting water resources and generating economic growth.

We help stakeholders understand the problem and develop cost-effective solutions that are both socially and environmentally responsible.

Water Loss Case Studies