Pioneering Community Solutions to Build a RainReady Nation

 “People do not realize that this block, which becomes the dumping ground of rain runoff from other communities, experiences mini Katrinas yearly.”—Midlothian resident The Chicagoland community of Midlothian is no stranger to flooding. Located at the convergence of three watersheds, it has seen its absorbent open spaces paved over by a century of suburban development. At this point, even light to moderate rainstorms can cause overbanking from the creeks and the stormwater conveyance... Read the rest of this entry »


CNT calls for Illinois elected leaders to help victims of urban flooding

New state study finds 92% of flood damage claims are from homeowners and businesses outside floodplains   SPRINGFIELD – Illinois experienced the wettest June in recorded history as we continue to see an increase in the frequency and intensity of rain events nationwide. This has resulted in more and more flooded homes and businesses, bringing with it the associated costs of property damage, negative health impacts, loss of work time and a significant loss in property value. A new... Read the rest of this entry »


Illinois Agencies to Study Solutions to Urban Flooding

Why do our cities and towns flood? Is it too much asphalt, concrete, glass, and steel? Our giant lawns? And what can Illinois communities do to alleviate urban flooding and prevent future losses for their residents? Some answers may be forthcoming, thanks to the Urban Flooding Awareness Act (SB 2966), sponsored by Sen. Heather Steans (D-Chicago) and Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), and passed by the Illinois General Assembly on May 28. The Urban Flooding Awareness Act aligns several... Read the rest of this entry »