Equity and Professional Development

Committing to EQUITY is not a one and done achievement: It is an ongoing journey to grow as individuals and as an organization.

Being a more equitable organization is not just about putting the word equity in our mission statement or adding it as a hash tag on social media. Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion requires work to address biases, unlearn toxic work habits and acquire tools needed to make brave decisions. It is a process that requires commitment from every level of an organization, leadership, board and staff. It needs to be a continuous learning process and seen as just as important as any other professional development.

Most of CNT’s communication about our equity journey is about our external work to partner with community-based organizations on climate justice, transportation equity, and housing affordability. But our internal work – building an organizational culture that fully supports equity – is just as necessary.

Every Tuesday in the month of February, CNT staff participated as a team in Conscious Ambassador of Trauma Informed Care Training (CATIC), led by Hansra Consulting & Advisory Services. CATIC focuses on training organizations on how “to be an inclusive workplace where all employees feel seen, safe, and free from bias, ridicule and racism.” Completing CATIC teaches CNT staff how to practice an elevated consciousness driving the conditions for a positive workplace culture. It helps us with the alignment of our values and behaviors internally, ensuring that we use these same skills externally with the Community Based Organizations we partner with and advocate for. Seeing people in their full humanity, honoring one another’s ecologies, and acknowledging personal and community trauma is how we can maximize CNT’s impact and mission.

CNT staff participating as a team in HCAS’s Conscious Ambassador of Informed Care Training (CATIC) to become certified Conscious Ambassadors.

Every staff member at CNT is now a certified Conscious Ambassador. We are proud to commit to create a more person centered workplace and use the principles we learned, both within our internal culture or with the communities we serve. You can find out more about HCAS and CATIC here.


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