CNT Welcomes Project Policy Associate Pamela Jones

Transportation is more than the movement of people and goods from place to place. It is a basic need and a vital component of a healthy community. However,  countless urban communities lack access to affordable and sustainable transit infrastructure. Such instances cause adverse impacts on BIPOC, low- and moderate-income households, often in tandem, deepening economic and racial inequities.

Growing up in Chicago, I was privileged to live in a transit-rich area. Public transit was more than a means to get to and from needed amenities. It also allowed me to visit friends and family and explore other neighborhoods and cultures. Yet, there were always areas West and South of me that I could not reach via transit. The older I became, the more I realized how problematic and widespread the inequities around transit were. Somewhat recently, I decided to position myself to aid in closing the inequity transit gap by supporting policy changes to improve and expand sustainable transportation networks.

To seek a better understanding of the intricacies within the transportation sector, I returned to graduate school to obtain a Master's in Urban Planning and Policy with a concentration on urban transportation.

At the Center for Neighborhood Technology, there is a continuous effort to help build better communities in the built environment through equitable and sustainable initiatives. As a seasoned professional, I am thrilled to begin my new career in the world of transportation at CNT.

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