Urban Opportunity Agenda

The Urban Opportunity Agenda website offers ideas and metrics for simultaneously combatting poverty and promoting urban sustainability.

Urban Opportunity Agenda strategies can be designed to maximize economic opportunity by helping cities effectively reduce poverty and provide benefits to all residents and businesses.  The website provides tools for civic leaders, advocates, and community members to see the potential for sustainability strategies to reduce poverty in their communities by creating jobs, lowering the cost of living, and helping low-income families achieve financial stability while creating more efficient cities for everyone.

Additional background about the Urban Opportunty Agenda can be viewed here.

The web tool provides profiles of more than 100 U.S. cities with the largest populations of individuals living below the poverty threshold across all 50 states. It allows users to set a poverty reduction goal and quantify the scale of impact of a portfolio of sustainability strategies in their communities. A dashboard adds up all the strategy selections to show the resulting reduction in poverty based on the selections and user customization. A summary report assembles the information in a user-friendly format to print or display.


Web Tool Features

The Urban Opportunity Agenda maps and calculator identify where poverty exists and what investments civic leaders can make across a portfolio of poverty reduction strategies that will create economic opportunities and strengthen communities. 


Interactive maps show where the highest concentrations of poverty are in cities throughout the United States.


Strategy Calculator
Customize a portfolio of strategies to reduce poverty, create economic opportunity, and build stronger communities.

Summary Reports
View and print a summary report detailing poverty indicators and the strategies to reduce poverty.


Urban Opportunity Agenda Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the Urban Opportunity Agenda, a demonstration of the customizable strategy calculator, and a brief run-through of several resources available to link sustainability and poverty reduction in your city.