ESGP: Ohio Site Selection Tool

The Power of Place: This new mapping tool helps compare potential development sites' impact on ESG goals.

The ESGP tool brings environmental, social and governance (ESG) into the site selection process, by integrating commuter emissions, racial demographics, and concentration of job types into site evaluation.

With ESGP, business decision-makers finally have a way to see the full picture when it comes to site selection, further supporting organizational priorities to operationalize ESG.

Enter up to 5 site addresses, a place name, or click on the map to learn about the number of potential workers within a 30-minute commute by car or transit, racial diversity of the area, and the climate impact of commutes to that location.

The map shows the scores of your selections in the context of all of the scores in Northeast Ohio. You may use the check boxes and sliders above the map to change the weighting of each factor in the overall score.

The map also shows the locations of job hubs in the region. Job hubs are concentrated places of economic activity in Northeast Ohio. This tool is intended to be used in conjunction with site selection tools like Zoom Prospector. Please reach out to Team NEO if you’d like to discuss sites in Northeast Ohio.