Jon Kuta

Senior Analyst, Urban Analytics

Jon leads the planning, design and development of websites and interactive tools that advance a variety of initiatives of CNT and its partners. With an eye for design, Jon focuses on translating CNT's highly technical research into approachable and beautifully designed websites. He specializes in how audiences react to what they see and how they interact with an intricate and constantly changing web-based medium. Jon was the principle designer of this website and leads the design and development of CNT's groundbreaking interactive tools by introducing new ways to visualize complex data while also improving the user experience, effectiveness and overall appeal of web-based tools. Jon ensures the seamless transition of the design vision of project goals into the interactive world of the web and is a talented illustrator and photographer in his own right.  

Jon joined CNT after 10 plus years experience working on a wide variety of challenging projects in the for-profit world of interactive design firms and is now happy to contribute his talents to a non-profit with whom he shares many of the same values.  

A native Chicagoan who loves to travel and bike, Jon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Vassar College.