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Modeling of Multifamily Residential Parking Use in King County, Washington
Daniel Rowe, Stephanie Morse, Craig Ratchford, Peter Haas, Sofia Becker

Multifamily residential buildings often provide too much parking, which can be an impediment to a wide range of community goals. An oversupply of parking can have deleterious effects on economic development, consumers, the community at large, and the environment. Despite a recent surge in research, a lack of consensus still exists on the factors that drive demand for parking in multifamily buildings across a variety of urban and suburban contexts. This research identified independent variables to be tested in a regression analysis of 208 multifamily parking use studies conducted in King County, Washington, in 2012. Parking use was correlated to building characteristics as well as to the neighborhood in which the building resided. Published in Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board.

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