Transit Future

Photo: clarkmaxwell via Flickr Creative Commons

Led by CNT and the Active Transportation Alliance, Transit Future offered a bold vision of what an expanded transit system in Cook County and the Chicago region could be. It is a vision of connectivity and opportunity, of potential and prosperity.

Transit Future is a vision of a more livable, economically competitive, and environmentally sustainable region built on a public transportation system that works for everyone. That means building new rapid transit rail and bus lines and repairing the ones we have. Improved, expanded and modernized public transit can energize economies in neighborhoods, connect workers to jobs, improve the quality of our air, and provide real savings for real people.

With more than $20 billion in potential projects that could expand and improve our system, Chicago and Cook County cannot afford to lose out on federal and other funding for transit infrastructure by not having a local match.

Transit Future will work to ensure the Cook County Board of Commissioners is able to adopt a robust revenue source to fund the development of Chicago and Cook County’s transit system. This new revenue source will allow the City and the County to take advantage of the federal funds and other financing tools for transit. Such an investment in transit will save all commuters time and money, create jobs, connect residents to job centers, and benefit the entire regional economy.