RainReady℠ Oak Park

The Village of Oak Park is partnering with the Center for Neighborhood Technology on a grant program to help Oak Park residents better manage rain at home.

Grant Application

Oak Parkers can sign up to be notified when the program application opens.

RainReady is helping Oak Park residents manage rain at home. The project is being funded by the Village of Oak Park and administered by RainReady.

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Program Documents

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Program Resources

Oak Park Progress Updates

In 2016 and 2017, the Village of Oak Park partnered with RainReady to help Oak Parkers manage rain at their homes.

Here's what happened in the Village of Oak Park so far:

Grass And Concrete

Many urban yards look like this one – grass and concrete. When it rains, water runs off into sewers. When the sewer system is overwhelmed, this can cause flooding. RainReady Oak Park was created to help change this.

Hidden Flood​ing

RainReady assesses each home to find ways to reduce runoff and flooding. At this home, erosion around the downspout caused water to seep into the basement.

Natural Solutions

Natural solutions can help prevent flooding. Here, a landscaper tests backyard soil for a new rain garden.

Sinking Rain Where It Falls

The native plants in this garden keep rain in the yard, instead of overwhelming the sewer and backing up into streets and basements.

Keeping Water Out Of Homes

Can you spot the disconnected downspout hidden in a rain garden? By sending rain away from the home, the downspout helps prevent basement seepage, and waters the plants at the same time.

The Village Leads

Through RainReady Oak Park, homeowners received grants to install rain gardens and other natural solutions.

Interested in learning more? Explore RainReady here.

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