Cleveland Neighborhood Climate Action Toolkit

Photo: Tim Arai via Flickr Creative Commons

As part of the Cleveland Climate Action Plan, we developed innovative economic development and emissions reduction strategies for the Cleveland Neighborhood Climate Action Toolkit.

We contributed expertise in sustainable development to two historic Cleveland neighborhoods that were selected as testing grounds for Cleveland Climate Action Plan strategies. We wrote reports detailing the actions taken in Kinsman and Detroit Shoreway and highlighted assets that could be used for future advances in mobility, waste reduction, energy efficiency, green space, and public health. Additionally, we developed two calculators that the neighborhoods can use to calculate current GHG emissions and identify new opportunities for GHG reduction.

The Kinsman EcoDistrict and Detroit Shoreway EcoVillage projects have already spurred notable transformations. Kinsman’s Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone repurposes otherwise abandoned land to provide fresh food to the neighborhood, and serves as a center for job training, entrepreneurship, and education. The Detroit Shoreway EcoVillage is a hub for alternative transportation and green housing, and the walkable urban landscape is ornamented with rain gardens, bioswales, and other sustainable stormwater management installations.