Leslé Honoré

Managing Director of Strategy and Communications

Leslé Honoré is an Author, Activist and a Poet. She joined CNT in April of 2021 as its Managing Director of Strategy and Communications. Prior to working with CNT, Leslé served as Executive Director of SEIU’s Hellen Miller Member Education and Training Center, where she and her team trained and supported tens of thousands Home Care and Child Care workers in the state Illinois, pivoting from in person classes to e-learning with live instruction during the pandemic. Throughout her career, Leslé has weaved her artistic work within her community leadership. She has over twenty years of experience with Community Based Organizations in the Chicagoland area with a commitment to Social Justice, Advocacy and the Arts. As part of Elevated Chicago's Steering Committee, Leslé has infused her poetry, art, expertise in youth engagement and leadership style into governance and programming. She convenes the Green Line South Community Table of Elevated, which brings together residents and organizations advancing ETOD in the area; she provides direction to cross-community arts and culture programs in support of ETOD; and she is one of the co-creators of the Equitable Development Ambassadors program, a two-way learning initiative that equips community residents with tools to advocate for equity in their communities and teaches and informs Elevated leadership through stories, lived experience, and expertise of people from Chicago.

Born and raised in Gardena, California, she remains deeply rooted in the heritage and culture of her father, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana; and mother, who was born in Sinaloa, Culiacan, Mexico, and immigrated to the US at age 15.  Leslé lives in Park Manor with her three phenomenal children. She believes in HBCU’s and says that “tacos and gumbo can save the world.” Her forthcoming Children’s Book, “Brown Girl” will be released in Fall of 2022 by Little Brown Publishing.

Learn more about Leslé at her personal website, www.leslehonore.com/